Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

I "threw together" a pretty fantastic Hanukkah feast this past Saturday evening. Sheila & Jim were in town, so it was a great time to make extraordinary amounts of fried food! 

On the menu were Chickpea Cutlets and Potato Latkes both from Veganomicon. Homemade Challah - if you ever Meet the Shannons, they might give you their recipe - it's part of The Betty Crocker Project.

The Latkes were crispity crunchity just the way they should be - so yummy! Sorry, no picture - we were so excited to eat, I forgot to snap one before they were gone! Take my word for it - they were beautiful!

The Challah was the most gorgeous bread I've ever made; I really hated to rip it up. But, it tasted even better than it looked, so I'm glad I didn't shellac it and put it on a shelf after all. Will definitely be making this more often!!

And, for dessert, Baklava - from an old stand-by recipe I've used for years (easy enough to veganize). It was all so delicious!

I almost forgot to mention the Honey Balls I made for breakfast that morning! Mmmmm MMMMMMM!!